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Vision 7 uses holographic waveguide optics to provide the highest resolution overlay.


Audio transmitters are located in the temples of the glasses. They use bone conduction to put sound
 right in your head.


Now more than ever there has been a boom of innovative design. Creativity surged with the rise of new technologies. Designers, programmers, and artists alike have been experimenting in the field of gaming, customization, communications and more through apps and features. Every aspect and every feature allows people to customize their own world.

and 1000s more


We think Vision 7 is pretty great on its own, but sometimes an accessory can transform your experience in ways you couldn't imagine. From Health and Fitness to everyday Lifestyle products, our line of accessories ensure that every aspect of your life can be enhanced with Vision 7.

Retail Stores

We're inviting you to experience the future in our newly redesigned retail stores. Come in and visit after the launch of Vision 7 and see what you've been missing.

About AugHumana

In 2017 we were developing the plans and models for Vision1. In a world that was already producing technologies focusing on developing the virtual reality, we decided to improve our own reality; augmented reality. We streamlined years of research, development, and programming into a single, growing project.


The release of Vision1 in 2018 was monumental. Vision1 was a way to eliminate the distractions of technology that often pull us away from reality and integrate it into one. We had a mission to produce a ubiquitous computer that could be seamlessly assimilated into our everyday lives and enhance the reality we live in, rather than escape into another one. The power to create realities was only budding, and Vision 2 both inspired and produced programs, designs and other technologies that paralleled our own. Networks and communities were formed with the universal goal of creating a new world, whether it was entirely created virtually or overlaid onto our existing reality.


Creativity surged with the “Rise of Realities”. The need for designers, programmers, and artists alike was prominent when imagination became limitless. In 2020, Vision3 was heavily inspired  by the community of creativity. Experimentation in the field of gaming, customization, communication as well as apps and features were highly encouraged.


By 2023 AugHumana had established their Visions with international recognition. With a secure foundation of design and programming, the focus shifted to become more pragmatic and useful to a larger range of people rather than those that fit the average norm. There were developing features that considered visual or hearing impaired, those who spoke in different languages, and simply those that wanted to customize their Vision to the most detailed specifications, AugHumana considered them all.


The first ever...


Eye Tracking


Smart Memory

From the very beginning, our mission was to design a seamless assimilation of the created reality into the reality we live in. 2024 is the year that AugHumana releases Vision7. Unlike any other head-mounted display, it focuses on physically melting away the barriers between these realities. For the first time ever, augmented reality has become completely hands-free, lighter than ever, and designed to become almost invisible.

Customization extends to the physical product. Vision7 features interchangeable arms. These different “skins” can be
applied to the exterior.

By measuring reflections bouncing off of the surface of the eye, Vision 7 follows your eye movement. Small optic sensors collect and
measure the reflections.

Vision can recognize your heat and skin signatures at the bridge, temples, and earpieces so that only you can securely access your Vision 7.

Our materials can mold and adapt
to your own body with our
advanced nanotech structure.

vision 7





  vision 7






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